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Master Earth by Zara

What is it? The evil man had a nasty grin on his face. He took off his mask. He looked at the sack of money he had stolen from the most important bank in the world. Still running away from the police, he tried to get his breath back. A noise was heard above. A […]

The Dream Giver by Zara

The dream giver looked upon the girl. Thinking about what normal ten year old girls do, he searched around the girl’s room. Covering his eye, he stared at the sky, it was nearly midnight. Soon was when all the fun began. Looking at the girl’s phone, the dream giver’s head brightened. An idea! Looking into […]

100wc Goldilocks with a twist by Zara

Once upon a time Goldilocks, the good girl, went over to the Bear household. Jack the bear, who caused a lot of trouble, was alone while the other bears had gone shopping. Goldilocks raced towards the divine smell of warm porridge. Jack took the hot and the cold bowls of porridge and tasted them both. […]

Superdog by Zara

As we got onto the Ferris wheel, I had a buzz of excitement. My ice cream melted on me as I stared at the great view. The river went for as long as the eye could see. Suddenly I went straight forward, then back again hitting my head. I looked out to see that we had stopped. Screaming […]

100# word challenge Zara

As they turned the corner… I lost hope, I had lost pride. The three girls ran, taking my homework book with them. They hadn’t done their homework obviously, I was going to teach those girls a lesson. I had to fight back. As I slowly went into school, my teacher had his hand on his […]