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The First Time I Ever Met a Human 100wc by Suliya

Dear Diary, I am the headless ghost and I remember when I first ever met a human… I was walking around in a big house on Friday 12th in September at 23:00. The house was very well decorated. I  walked up a set of stairs and I turned left. I saw a mirror and that […]

The Dream Giver by Suliya

It was a dark night and the wind was blowing smoothly. As the crack of dawn was approaching everyone was fast asleep in their beds curled up. The Dream Giver was arriving at room 2655. The craziness was about to begin. The skinny, old, tall Dream Giver was strolling into the room 2655 with a stick, […]

100wc#31 by Suliya

Once upon a time a cupcake was baked in an oven. It’s name was called Gingercake man. Surprisingly this strange cupcake could move and talk. Gingercake man wanted to be free, not eaten so he decided to make an escape. Gingercake man ran out of Mr and Mrs Cat’s house. Gingercake man never understood what […]

The Statue By Suliya 100wc

Peter, Amelia and Bolt (their dog) were a lovely family until World War 2. Peter and Amelia were running down a street in London with their dog. They were running away from the bombs exploding. Unfortunately, as they turned round a bend…   Beatrice stood there holding a water gun full of cement. Beatrice is […]

Aveley Primary Poem by Suliya

Aveley is an amazing school Victory begins the moment you shine Everyone enjoys themselves Learning is very important in this school Every student succeeds You learn very fast in Aveley   Put your thinking hat on Recieve good results in your S.A.Ts I joined this school in Reception year Make the most of your learning […]

As they turned the corner by Suliya100wc

As they turned the corner I was terrified. I was running as fast as I could. The five mysterious ghosts were after me. I finally reached my house; I opened the door and shut it close as soon as I could. I was so relieved. I went to my living room and all I could […]

The Slimy Green Swamp by Suliya

CRASH!! Mrs Eggfoo fell into the deep, green, mouldy swamp full of slimy green frogs. Mrs Eggfoo called for her snow white horse but Berty (her horse) didn’t come. All of a sudden Mrs Eggfoo started sinking. She started vigorously kicking her legs in the gruesome green water. Suddenly  Mrs Eggfoo saw a protruding green […]