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The Haunted Murderer by Star

I died in the year 1998 in this very house. I grew up here as this was my only, it was even where I was born. I cannot leave. I’m to filled with too much anger.  Only two months before I died, my beloved sister Angela was kidnapped by the same person who brought my life to […]

The Dream Giver

As the dream giver crept into the children’s orphanage, he wrote down the door number to make sure he did not visit the same place twice in the same night. Slowly, the fragile fairy, dream man flew down to one of the children and placed his bag gently down on the end of the child’s bed, […]

About To drown 100wc by Star

It was a sunny day and I was with my friend Jake at Cardiff Bay. I was sitting on the fence at the side of the river holding Jake‘s shoulder for support. It was a wonderful day. Suddenly, I heard football fans, as I turned my head I realized they were coming my way. Jake […]

Blind! by Star

All I can hear is his voice shouting, screaming! It’s my boyfriend. We got into an argument. All of a sudden I shout back “I can’t deal with this anymore!” and I walk out of the door, slamming it behind me. I run across the road. The rain is soaking me to the bone. I […]

Chased! #100wc – Star

As they turned the corner they saw that there was no escape! Two buildings with a wall in between them, they could only go back, but then they would have been caught by the gang. Quickly, they looked around. There was nowhere to hide! Then one of the people being chased realized that the flat […]

The Deafening Silence #100wc by Star

“It happened too quickly!” said Anna, my sister, as she lay in the hospital bed. I looked at her. While she lay there tears ran down my face. The doctor walked in and calmly said “We would like to do some tests.” Turning to us, “Could you please wait in the waiting room?” We walked […]

Humpty Dumpty`s Funeral by Star

“Oh my,my! Poor Humpty – he was only young,”sniffled Egster (Humpty Dumpty`s mother) while crying her eyes out. “He`s got himself into a right scramble now!” screamed Egward with  his eyes full of tears. Egward, Humpty`s brother, was at this point kneeling in a puddle of his tears staring at Humpty, lying scrambled on a […]