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The Dream Giver – Oska

The Dream Giver flew through the orphanage window at the stroke of midnight. All of the orphans were dead. This was his time. The first child liked ballet, so the Dream Giver gave her a dream about that. The next child liked jazz and the one after liked baseball. They got dreams about the things […]

The Three Baby Cats and the Big Bad Dog- oska

Once upon a time there were three baby cats who were lost in a forest. They had heard stories of a big, mean dog but they needed somewhere to stay for the night. Eventually they found some trees in which to hide. The first cat climbed a short and thin baby tree. The dog just […]

Bob & Jane the Statues – by Oska

Bob, Jane and their dog Spike were waiting near the river. Most people think they are statues, but really they are bronze superheroes. They are bulletproof and have the ability to freeze time. Suddenly they heard a scream; someone was falling off the big wheel behind them! Bob froze time and all three of them […]

You Cannot Read my Writing by Oska

You cannot see my writing, The colour white isn’t inviting. It isn’t worth fighting, Because you cannot see my writing. People say they can, But really they can’t. They are lying man, So don’t start a rant. As I said, you cannot see my writing!.

The Follower Part 3

Zoe’s bedroom window was smashed. Down below was a man wearing a black suit with a scratch on his face. “I thought someone was in the house, but why? And why are there scratches on his face?” When Zoe inspected the man below her window, she saw him push a cat off his chest. Zoe […]

100WC Oska – The Follower part 2

Zoe woke up the next morning, all was silent and calm, unlike the night before when strange things had happened. Zoe went to the window where she had seen the object the previous night to look for any clues. Zoe walked to the kitchen to make some breakfast when she realised the tap was dripping […]

100 word chalenge – The Follower – Oska

Staring through the condensation on the cold window pane, Zoe noticed a shadow lurking. What – or who – was it? Zoe thought that it was nothing, she was just tired. But, what she didn’t know was that something sinister was hanging around, waiting for its time to strike. As Zoe turned off her light […]