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Miss Hart’s Penguins! By Logan

Miss Hart loves penguins, this is because she finds them extremely cute. I don’t know why, I find them unbelievably ugly and strange. Then again, that’s probably why people call me strange! I’m Logan, in class 6M, which Miss Hart teaches every Tuesday. That is why my favourite day is Tuesday (it’s not really, it’s […]

Master Earth | By Logan

Master Earth is a beloved painting created in 1944. It was created to represent how people have control of Earth. This means that whatever happens, it’s our fault. This was made in the time of World War II; the artist painted Master Earth to remind everybody what we were, and still are, doing. Apparently, the […]

I’m a Ghost | By Logan

  I died in 1892, and I am haunting my family, who now live in a miniature town in England. When I was alive I lived in a town in South Africa. Now it is 2015 and I have been watching my family for several decades. They have not noticed me, yet, it is certain […]

The Shadow-Logan

Late one stormy night, Bobby peered through the steamy window; having to wipe it gently so his parents couldn’t hear him. He spotted a spooky, dark shadow. It was on the edge of the cracked pavement, Bobby’s heart was pounding with fear so much so that he couldn’t help but just stare at the gloomy […]