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The Unfortunate Day By Lily

Dear Diary, Yesterday something bad happened – I met a penguin! I know that doesn’t seem bad, but as soon as I saw him we switched bodies! At first I loved being a penguin! I loved it so much I wished to be a penguin FOREVER! Then I saw that he was unhappy. I tried […]

My True Ghost Story by Lily

Dear Ghostly diary, Last night I went to a young girl’s house. She was with someone – I think it was her friend but they were trying to sleep so guess what I did… I kept opening and closing their door. One of the girls said “Angel, look my door just opened!” So I guess […]

Beauty and the Beast by Lily

Once upon a time a beautiful girl called Belle was going to buy some bread and her favourite book. Everyone was mean to Belle apart from a kind book man. Belle walked into the book shop after getting the bread and asked for the book. The book man said “Are you sure? You have read it […]

100wc by Lily

One morning Kristy and Jake decided to play a game together but they didn’t know what to play. Kristy thought “Tag!” Jake thought ‘That sounds good.’ Kristy was shocked that they could talk through brain waves alone. So, after that weird surprise, they played the game. After thirty minutes of playing they got extremely tired so had […]

Today 100wc by Lily

It was a dark and stormy night when Angel came round my house we were all alone. It was our 3rd sleepover and we was having an amazing time. Then Angel told me to download an app called truth or dare. So I did! “Truth or dare?” Angel asked me. “Dare!” I screamed. My dare […]