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Master Earth By Jessica 100wc

One day an artist Mr T. Master was looking at pictures of castles when he came up with a remarkable idea for a picture. He spent two weeks on this painting. Once he had finished his painting he looked at it and mumbled “This is a piece of art that deserve to been shown to […]

My Ghostly Experience! By Jessica

Dear diary, The most terrifying thing happened yesterday. It was midnight and I was just reading my book called Four Children and It. I was nearly at the end of my chapter when it happened.   All of a sudden my bunk bed started swinging side to side. I immediately dropped my book and started […]

The Dream Giver! By Jessica

The Dream Giver! It was a year ago today; I remember it like it was yesterday. The children were asleep when, out of nowhere, a fragile man, as tiny as a mouse, appeared through the window. He flew up to the ceiling then flew to Isabelle. He opened up a golden bag, brought a yellow […]

Zel by Jessica 100 word challenge

A long, long time ago lived an evil person called Goth and a beautiful princess called Zel. Zel always wore a lovely, blue, sparkly dress. The dress was very special as, when zel sings and you are touching the dress, it would make you look beautiful in one second. So Goth kidnapped Zel when she […]

The Statue Saves the Day! 100wc by Jessica

“I wonder if they can they talk?” said a four year old walking past. Mandy blinked to Andrew. It was the only way they could communicate during the day as they were statues. Finally, when sunset came to a close and the moon was shining up in dark sky, Mandy and Andrew came to life. ” […]

Will I Pass my Test? 100wc By Jessica

The sound of the traffic outside my window kept me awake. I tried to get to sleep as we have a test tomorrow! It is 7am and the test is three hours away. I had stayed up all night because of the constant traffic going past my house. I wish we had never moved. ” Are you ready?” […]

The Best Day Ever 100wc by Jessica

“Izzy! We are going now, so get into the the car!” This was my dad calling me. We were going to the theme park in Southend and I was so excited. This would be my ultimate adventure! Jumping with joy, I went downstairs. My dad, who was in the kitchen, handed me my sunglasses. Then […]

Tragic near the Stables! 100wc By Jessica

BANG!!! Riding the horse carefully, Dylan and his brown horse zoomed into the green paint. The green paint was secured into a box made out of pipes. Immediately the tins of paint fell onto the floor. Dylan grabbed a metal pipe and swam out of the green slimy paint. Dylan was not happy with this! Finally, after […]

100wc: Expelled By Jessica

“We just need to tie a knot in the string,” exclaimed David. This was for the prank we were doing. Prank time: “AHHHH!!!!!!!!” This was Miss Green screaming, she was covered in goo. “David and Andrew! Come into my office now!” So we went into her office. I was scared… we were in big trouble! […]

The Story of the Eggs! By Jessica

The Story of the Egg! “Why? Why?” cried Eggbert. “Oh; he was eggcelent at football,” Eggie screamed with tears streaming down his pale, fragile face. “There such mean people!” Eggchelle muttered, before blowing her nose into her white handkerchief. ” I want to go home!” moaned Egglice  with flowers in her hand. Eggward wrapped his arms round Egglice. […]