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Master Earth by Jay

Master Earth was a piece of artwork by Leo Brendon. Leo Brendon was ½ English and ½ Irish. His Master Earth was his no°1. Why? Because it represents the world being our home with the environment and pollution in cities. You didn’t know but the earth acted like the moon and caused a solar eclipse on […]

Musical Statues by Jay

“HEY! HEY! Alan!” Symphyetta cried cheerfully as Dancing on the Ceiling by Lionel Richie was playing and as Fido, a dog, was pleadingly wagging his tail ecstatically. “Waa, oh boring music. I’d rather listen to modern rock,” but then, after two minutes, everything changed in Alan’s day as Starlight by MUSE came on. “That’s the way I like […]

Survive the Best – you can! by Jay

‘Survive the best you can! It’s all you can do,’ I remembered someone quote to me… . —- . When this weirdo said this to me I was like, don’t say this is going to foreshadow and I’ll have to survive a train derail. But when tomorrow came the very thing he had said, and […]

When Wounds Hurt: By Jay.E #100 wc

“You’ll never catch me!” I called to Jeremy who was chasing after me . “Oh yeah,” Jem (as I call him) screamed “ha, ha- LOOK OUT!” My mind was concentrating on the running but by the time I saw it … I fainted due to a gaping wound. When I woke, I saw a figure in […]