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Who Am I? -By Hollie

Who am I? A man, standing in the middle of the world, silent and still. His mind empty of thoughts. He stood not thinking about anything or anyone. Not a blink of an eye, just the world around him. He started to go red in frustration, the whole world was screaming in laughter and pain. […]

Cemetery Shock – By Hollie

Cemetery Shock The cemetery seemed darker and gloomier than usCemetery Shockual. The ground was damp and muddy. ‘Pitter’ ‘Patter’ rain dripped onto the dirt, splashing in the puddles. Suddenly I heard squelching footsteps in the mud heading towards the grave that sat vertical from my battered gravestone. I tried to hide but the figure glared […]

“What is that?”- By Hollie

    Eddy and Sandra brought their dog Cyprus to Cardiff. They both sat by the water discussing the meal they had just eaten. “That salad was exquisite dear!” Sandra loudly said. “Yes love,” Eddy politely stated. Then they heard an ear popping scream. “AHHHHHH!” “What was that?” they both questioned. “Cyprus!” Eddy shouted as […]

Charlie Small Reading Review- by Hollie

Charlie Small Gorilla City Charlie was only eight when the incident happened. Charlie was bored and decided to go out on the raft which his dad had gotten him. As he untied the ropes, he saw that the sky was really grey. It started to rain as Charlie was paddling down the river. He suddenly […]

Hollie-Late! 100wc#wk26

“See you later!” Tyler and Billy’s mum called as they walked down the street. “Bye,” they called back. Tyler was thinking of a plan. He opened his hand showing Billy four shiny, golden pound coins. They began to speed up and ran to their local shop. By the time they got there it was already […]

The Cold, Dark Pathway 100 WC- by Hollie

Staring at the wet ground I walked down the dark, cold pathway, my feet becoming numb from the frozen air. Flashing lights appeared from around the corner. The rumbling sound of a reving engine skidded in front of me. Slowly the window rolled down and a dark figure sat there. Suddenly the street lights turned […]

What was that Mystery Feeling?-Hollie (sequel to the Mystery Feeling)

I rubbed my eyes to see if I was imagining it -I wasn’t! Sitting in the silver heart of the necklace was a small dirty brown mouse. I picked it up and lay it on my desk. Cupping my hands, to keep it from escaping, it crawled around sniffing my palms. I lifted one hand up […]

100 WC The Mystery Feeling! by Hollie

I looked closely, I could see the lake filled with ducks and swans. I walked over and bent down to touch the muddy water. Suddenly, my necklace broke and sank down under the surface. I rolled up my sleeve and immersed my hand into the water. It was cold, but I could handle it. I […]