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The Penguin and Madeline by Grace

One day a girl called Madeline was with her friends called Mollie-Ann and Ellie. They were going out to visit someone. But when she went to go and get something she overheard them saying that she wasn’t a good enough friend. When Madeline heard that she ran off weeping in tears. When she got to […]

Late For School By Grace

“I’m late for school,” George said with a shock. As George quickly ran down the stairs he shouted, “Mum, can you quickly make me breakfast?” As he heard the toaster click he knew that his mum was cooking breakfast for him. So George quickly got his clothes on and brushed his teeth. And by the […]

Boy Meets Girl By Grace

CRASH!! Despite having carefully mounted the horse carefully, Sir Krystal ended up head first in the gloomy green swamp. Reluctantly, he swam across the bubbling, strench filled ooze to use a protruding pipe as a means of escape. He had got here when looking for his dream girl. Now he doesn’t know his way back home. […]

The Woods By Grace

One day when my friend and me went to the woods we were frightened to the to go in. Slowly we went in only one step – then we went deeper and deeper but as we went in, it grew darker and darker. The silence was deafening. We couldn’t hear anything. We were trying to […]

A day at the beach by Grace.T

Tuesday 7th August 2014. Me and my family was happily walking to the beach. We all laughed and had the best time ever. We all laid down on the sand. The light was so bright it was making my skin all red, just like a lobster. I was burning from top to bottom. Everyone was […]