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The great fire of london!!! By Jessica

It was a fantastic day in London. And everyone was happy. Living a normal day. Meanwhile  in a bakery in Pudding Lane.The fire door was left opened by mistake. And sparks from the oven landed on the floor. A fire spread all over London. People were all trying to make there way to the boats. To get away from […]

6M life by Emma.K

In 6M, we are studying the book ‘Fire Bed and Bone’. It is about the peasants revolt of 1831. Also in art we are doing the Bayeux tapestry. Soon we shall be making our own tapestries like the Bayeux tapestry but on different subjects, such as the Titanic, WWI , twin towers and the world […]

The 9/11 By Eden

The year was 2001, the 9th of the 11th to be precise. Three terrorist planes were flying through New York it was rather the two biggest buildings there (The Twin Towers) or The Whitehouse.(Where the mayor was). Luckily the mayor survived this awful day, but two of the world biggest landmarks unfortunately didn’t. One of the […]