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Year 6 By Emma.K

We have nearly completed year 6 so I decided to make my last ever post on this blog. Life in 6M this year has been an enjoyable experience for all of us in 6M. We have made the most of it. For next year we are not all going to the same secondary school. We are having  a […]

Ghostly Days By Emma.K

Lucy and I met four years ago, this is how it happened. I haunt the Bradford House. I mind my own business and get on with my afterlife. Then after 400 years of haunting. A family moved in. This maddened me so I began to haunt them. First I made the lights flicker. Next I swung open the doors. But they […]

The Dream Giver by Emma.K

The Dream Giver The night was cold when the Dream Giver came. Small and bony, he flew across the night sky. He, suddenly, stopped and hovered outside an orphanage. Inside lay, Lily, Jo, Elizabeth, Sunny, Mel, John, Simon, Max, Marcus, Patrick… asleep but dreamless. “Perfect!” The ancient Dream giver muttered, then he pushed open the […]

Freely-By Eden and Emma.K-chapter 1

Looking out into the open field, Connie and Dilyan ignore the teacher in the class room wishing they were the birds in the sky, free to do what they want when they want. With Connie in her flowing blue school dress and her blonde and green (yes green!) hair- funny story actually, when Connie was five […]

100WC #31 by Emma.K

Rapunzel Once upon a time a loving couple, Daisy and Pete, lived next to a witch. All daisy could eat was greens which grew in the witch’s garden so Pete stole them. To get them back the wicked witch took their new born child. She called her Rapunzel. The greens were magic, therefore beautiful Rapunzel was magic. While […]

100wc by Emma.k

The Invasion of the Metal Men Mary Metallic and Ivan Iron stood and started to talk. Being ‘statues’ couldn’t stop them chattering away. What did they talk about? Well this is it. “Ivan, how do you think the invasion is going?” Mary asked in her metallic voice. “Good, soon the plan will be complete!” Ivan exclaimed in […]

Think by Emma.K

My Ultimate Adventure This story is fiction. It has a meaning. I have one question – What would you do? Walking through the Sahara Desert was going to be my ultimate adventure! The heat is getting  intense. I can hardly bear it!  The rope in my hand is so stiff. At first I thought it […]

100wc The Wolf by Emma.k

Julia, Danny, Kyle and Penny tiptoed into the woods. As they turned the corner…Julia suddenly screamed! Everyone jumped out of their skins. It turned out that Danny had made her jump. “Sorry, I’m so sorry…” Danny didn’t even finish because suddenly a loud  howl rang throughout the woods.  What were four nice-ish young children doing in […]

6M life by Emma.K

In 6M, we are studying the book ‘Fire Bed and Bone’. It is about the peasants revolt of 1831. Also in art we are doing the Bayeux tapestry. Soon we shall be making our own tapestries like the Bayeux tapestry but on different subjects, such as the Titanic, WWI , twin towers and the world […]