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Dreaming About Reality- By Eden

Dear Diary, I don’t understand why this keeps happening. It is really freaking me out. All of my most recent dreams ( that are not harmful or horror like) are coming true! For instance, yesterday I dreamt that I had had a stressful day, I sat on some concrete stairs and my favourite animal appeared. Guess what…. […]

My Awful Experience– By Eden

Dear ghostly diary, I must be a pretty clever ghost if I can terrify a young girl like this. Yesterday, about midday, I saw a small girl laying in front of the TV smiling at the programme. I had a marvellous yet mischievous idea…. I realised her mum was upstairs, so why not frighten her? I […]

Freely-By Eden and Emma.K-chapter 1

Looking out into the open field, Connie and Dilyan ignore the teacher in the class room wishing they were the birds in the sky, free to do what they want when they want. With Connie in her flowing blue school dress and her blonde and green (yes green!) hair- funny story actually, when Connie was five […]

Statues-By Eden

In 1815 two bronze statues were lovingly hand crafted in remembrance of Elizabeth and James. They had been a big part in this country back them. Somehow I still don’t know why they were, I have researched so much but still am confused! Anyway, they died in they year of 1896 – unfortunately they had both passed […]

Unbearable by Eden

  I was born into quite a rich family, huge manor, billions of pounds, not a single worry in the world, or at least that’s what was said. For me it was always “Millie, your maths tutor is here!” or “Millie Brookes try harder!” It was difficult, but all of this was from my family […]