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Master Earth – Charlie.P

Master Earth is a psychotic, non-harmful man. Everywhere he goes, he puts on a mysterious mask, people really don’t know. But I know, this will explain everything. Since quite a long time ago he had a mask, but before that, he didn’t. Once when he was in a dark and creepy cave, he was exploring […]

The Ghost – 100wc – Charlie.P

As I flew around the almost empty rooms, I was extracting Ectoplasm to the walls, spelling out my name, which of course does not concern you. I stumbled across a rather peculiar find. It was an alive human! I haven’t seen on of those creatures since… well I was human. I flew up to the […]

The Small Adventure! – Charlie.P

“…and that’s how I broke my arm,” Liskima said. “Whoah, that was horrible!” said Martin horrified, “Let me tell you a great adventure.” “It was in the winter in 1856, I was climbing a REALLY snowy mountain. All was going well until my eyes locked onto what came above me – a rapidly moving avalanche!” “THEN […]

Plane Crash – Charlie

As my  4 year old self, annoying as always, my mouth was gaping open. I was looking at the beautiful views out of a jet window. “Close your mouth Jacob!” my mum said to me, ending with a “tut” “tut” “tut”. “You’ll catch flies!” But as my 4 year old self, I paid no notice […]