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A Penguin Called Bishop By Bobby

I waddled along the damp concrete. All of my black and white feathers were keeping me nice and warm. Then in the corner of my eye I was alarmed by a young women in her early 20’s. She was sitting on a step leading to Parliament. I strolled over to the dejected girl and nervously […]

The Man Behind the Mask by Bobby

He walks the streets, his shadow glimmering in the light. He is so dangerous especially in the dark night . He’s ruthless. Many people relate him to a viper. No-one sees him. He keeps in the gloomy shadows. He is too smart for the FBI or the police to catch. Getting away from them is […]

My Ghost Income by Bobby

Dear diary, Today was the scariest day of my eleven years on earth. The time was midnight. I was petrified. Alarmed. I saw something I didn’t believe in. I saw a ghost… My emotions are all over the place. There was blood all over my wall and my fridge was laid out flat. Glasses were […]

The Dream Giver – Bobby

The clock had just ticked past midnight. All of the streetlights where beaming down on to the concrete floor across the streets of Sydney, Australia. A tiny man glided into the room via a window. He cracked a magical egg and poured a golden yolk into a pair of white ballet shoes. Then instantly the […]

100WC#31 Bobby .R

Once upon a time, before the sun rose, there were three turtles wanting to pass the coral to get some jelly fish. However behind that was a horrible, sharp toothed shark who was huge and would gobble you up in one gigantic snap of his jaw. So the first turtle swam and swam until a […]

Pain+Death=A Killer by Bobby.R 100WC #Wk26

October 29th 1653; my feet pushed against the frost and it felt like my feet where frozen. I blew into my hands, my hand that had killed. It was pitch black; peoples’ candles gave a little light into the street. I knew what I had to do. I fished something out of my deep pocket. […]

The Luck of the Crossbar (Bobby.R)

I wrapped my foot round the ball, it swerved through the air gliding like a plane. It was heading towards the goal. It was dipping. Still moving in the air, the ball crashed against the bar. I put my head into my freezing hands. I felt my body temperature decrease. My body was overcome with disappointment. I could […]