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The penguin was captured on a rotten fishing boat in the Pacific Ocean and was then taken to America to find out why it was so far from his frozen home. When the penguin reached America it was taken into a lab. Inside, he saw all sorts of medicines and needles, he was scared. He […]

Master Earth-100WC-Archie

100WC This man could have many stories of his life but I think he could also be worried about the environment. I think this because in the photo/portrait he has got grass and flowers on his face but his forehead is different. On his forehead he has earth but with no grass, just cities. He […]

The Dream Giver-Archie

The Dream Giver sawed through the misty, black sky. The mystical, slouched man reached into his brown bag. He felt the warmth of his golden eggs on his bony hands. Suddenly one of them cracked and burst. His bag zoomed into the sky leaving the rest of the eggs falling from the sky. He had […]

100WC#31 Story with a Twist= ARCHIE

100WC#31  Once upon a time there was not an old lady nor an old man, there was a cat and a dog who baked a gingerbread man. The small piece of ginger wasn’t chased, it was let free to join a race. The gingerbread man was on its way until it met a poor lady. […]

FA Cup By Archie

Waiting at the river for the FA cup final to start, Jimmy, Sarah and Scooby sat. Scooby, known as XS, was watching his tin owners talk about how they will get home but all Scooby could think about was . . . bones! Walking towards the stadium hoping people would think they were actually robots. […]

100WC – Murder Scene – Archie

Peering through the blood stained glass of the murder scene, Jack sat there wishing that him and his brother had never left their house. Jack and Jim were walking down the narrow road on their way to their friend’s house. After ten minutes of endless walking through the stones of the front garden their friend […]