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100wc by Angel

Dear diary , I felt sad that my best friend had left me for a horrid mean girl when we were at the shopping centre. I walked out of the door and sat on the steps tears, suddenly poured from my red eyes. Suddenly a penguin waddled over to me – I was in shock. […]

The Dream Giver by Angel

At the orphanage 2655, a man flew down with his big transparent wings. He looked old. He was bony and fragile. It was near to midnight, the children were fast asleep and the silence was deafening. The old dream giver flew down and landed right in front of a girl’s bed. He saw ballet shoes. […]

100WC#31 by Angel

Cinderella Once upon a time a young lady named Cinderella got married to the rich dad of an evil old lady. After six weeks at war, the old lady’s dad  sadly died leaving Cinderella to look after his children, as the evil old lady had a sister called the Fairy God Mother. Cinderella hated the […]

The magic statues by Angel

“I wish I had a go on that big wheel,” groaned Martin, “well one day you might,” replied Martha. “Not really, we are statues,”Martin groaned once again. “WOOOOFF!” Nesbit woofed Martin knew something was wrong suddenly they heard people screaming, they were hanging off of one of the pods on the big wheel, ” AHHHHHHHH!!!” […]

100wc by Angel

BANG! A bomb had exploded and everyone was petrified. War was deserting London.   I never thought this would have happened when I woke up from my sweet lavender smelling bed. I really do not want to go through this war. I ran with the crowd to get away from the sizzling bombs. It was exhausting […]

Yolky’s Funeral by Angel

“Oh it’s so sad!” cried  Ormletta. “I know,”  replied Eggathena. ” Why did she have to go?”  shouted Ormletta. “HA HA HA!” laughed Eggy. Everyone turned and looked at Eggy. “It’s not funny!”  Shouted Ormletta at Eggy. “Yeah,” cried Eggathena. “Sorry,” replied Eggy sadly. ” I was just thinking about our funny times.” “Well, sorry […]