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Master Earth By Alice 100wc

One sunny day a young man created a picture that inspired others. It first started when he was on a trip. When he got home he decided to paint a picture. He wanted to show everyone what he had created. Everyone loved it and then he became extremely famous and his work was displayed in […]

Super Harry by Alice

  One late evening during the Easter holidays Kevin and Martha were in a lovely country – Wales - with their dog Harry. There were lots of people walking around and giving donations but then one of them was really strange and ……………. The next day  they found they were in an attic and it was […]

The Bright Light by Alice 100WC

Staring through the lane, the dark cold lane,there was a noise as Mia and her friends were walking along. They were scared! All were biting their nails and tears were dropping down their faces. They had to walk down there or they would never get home for their sleepover. But then suddenly it got brighter […]