Class 6M's Blog

Year 6 By Emma.K

We have nearly completed year 6 so I decided to make my last ever post on this blog. Life in 6M this year has been an enjoyable experience for all of us in 6M. We have made the most of it. For next year we are not all going to the same secondary school. We are having  a […]

The Boy and the Penguin by Matthew

There once was a tale about a boy who could speak to Penguins. His name was Flynn, let me tell you about him. Flynn was a normal boy who lived in Scotland right next to the zoo. Atnight he could hear the penguin,   After years of practising, he could speak to penguin.    

6M life by Emma.K

In 6M, we are studying the book ‘Fire Bed and Bone’. It is about the peasants revolt of 1831. Also in art we are doing the Bayeux tapestry. Soon we shall be making our own tapestries like the Bayeux tapestry but on different subjects, such as the Titanic, WWI , twin towers and the world […]

6M Life by Emma K and Eden

Hi this is Emma in 6M we are always so busy. Being in year six is harder than we thought! Eden here: Yeah, completly different to what we had expected at first. Gradually we will get used to it. Emma again: It has taken a giant toll on us all. Today we have done maths ,literacy […]