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Master Earth By Jessica 100wc

One day an artist Mr T. Master was looking at pictures of castles when he came up with a remarkable idea for a picture. He spent two weeks on this painting. Once he had finished his painting he looked at it and mumbled “This is a piece of art that deserve to been shown to the whole wide world.”
So the next day he rang the local museum and asked if his painting could be in the museum. They said yes, as long as he took the painting for them to see. So Mr T. Master brought the painting to the museum. The museum manager loved his piece of work.
So now people all over the world are seeing the painting called Mater Earth. Mr T. Master has already been to many schools to talk about his painting!

Master Earth-100WC-Archie


This man could have many stories of his life but I think he could also be worried about the environment. I think this because in the photo/portrait he has got grass and flowers on his face but his forehead is different. On his forehead he has earth but with no grass, just cities. He also looks angry but doesn’t want to do anything about it so he’s just sitting there. This is like an unexplained picture but could also have many different meanings. He could be upset but trying to hide it so the darkness could make the person look angry. So very thought provoking …

Who Am I? -By Hollie

Who am I?

A man, standing in the middle of the world, silent and still. His mind empty of thoughts. He stood not thinking about anything or anyone. Not a blink of an eye, just the world around him. He started to go red in frustration, the whole world was screaming in laughter and pain. His head was starting to fill up with angry thoughts, his eyes lit up, he was fuming, he had no one there for him just the hated people around him. Rapidly he looked around staring at the people… The thing was, no one could see him, he was someone different and he didn’t know how…

Master Earth By Alice 100wc

One sunny day a young man created a picture that inspired others. It first started when he was on a trip. When he got home he decided to paint a picture. He wanted to show everyone what he had created. Everyone loved it and then he became extremely famous and his work was displayed in a brilliant art museum.

After that he made a creation by putting everything together. It turned out really well and the picture was displayed in most areas. It was called Master Earth and the young man became the best artist ever;everyone is very proud of him.

Master Earth By Ollie

This is a story, a story of a man, a man named Master Earth. That was just the name everyone knew him by, his real name was Max, Max Ogelglamakakypan. I know right? Best last name ever. Max Olgelglamakakypan was a criminal, the best criminal in the world. He robbed banks, killed people and did everything else a good criminal would do but how did he get to this point in his life? Well, that question I am about to answer.


When Max Ogelglamakakypan was eight he stole some money from his best friend’s mum along with a diamond ring. That was his first ever crime. He then bought himself some Spiderman stickers with the money and sold the ring on Craig’s List for £5.29. He bought more Spiderman stickers. After that point whenever he did something bad he got an exciting thrill and that was the beginning of his life of crime.


When Max was 12 he made a mask in wood work class. It was a mask of the world and had cities, trees and water – everything that’s on the earth. That is where he made his name Master Earth.
He had his heart set on being the world’s greatest criminal so the moment he turned 17 he bought a car and set out with his mask. Since his first heist when he was 12, he was already all over the news. Everyone knew him as Master Earth. He was robbing banks, robbing houses, killing people and killing people – especially those who had bullied him for his last name. He was the greatest – he had achieved his goal and he was happy.


Master Earth – Charlie.P

Master Earth is a psychotic, non-harmful man. Everywhere he goes, he puts on a mysterious mask, people really don’t know. But I know, this will explain everything. Since quite a long time ago he had a mask, but before that, he didn’t. Once when he was in a dark and creepy cave, he was exploring it. His family really wanted to know what was going on while he was in the strange island which is now sunken – Zamboro. Like I said, he was exploring the cave with his awesome camera, and discovered something very mysterious. A little squirrel was in the cave for no apparent reason. It was running towards a light, as Earth followed the little creature, he was face to face with a dark, weird old man. He asked him what he was doing here, the old man replied “I was trapped here by my ancestors, I am forced to protect the mask of the earth, whoever wears it turns absolutely psychotic. But now you’re here, I’m sad and lonely, you take the mask. I’m forcing you to place it on, I can’t take it anymore!” As he said this, he took one final breath and ended it once and for all. He had a pistol next to him, he grabbed it and shot his head. The mask mysteriously vibrated, and fitted itself onto Earth, making him psychotic.
No one really knows where he is now, he could be in a different country for what we know. But we do know the story of how, he turned psychotic.

The End

The Man with the Mask by Amy

The man walked on the dark, dull street.

As he strolled, he came up with a bad plan because he his so mean. But one day he just stopped and, since that day, he has been okay.

Master Earth | By Logan

Master Earth is a beloved painting created in 1944. It was created to represent how people have control of Earth. This means that whatever happens, it’s our fault. This was made in the time of World War II; the artist painted Master Earth to remind everybody what we were, and still are, doing. Apparently, the painting helped for one year after World War II ended. Now it is used as a sign of respect, explaining that we are all basically the same, so we should stop wars and racism.


It was created in England by a man called: Jimmy Bobby. He had painted many loved and brilliant painting, but not as good as Master Earth. Jimmy had explained that he had a dream of creating a painting a world changing painting. That very morning he had woken up with paint all over him and an ancient paint brush in his twenty-five year old hands. As he looked up he saw Master Earth staring at him. He thought that he sleep walked and did it, which is what he believes even now.


Jimmy was born in 1919 March the 17th. He was then put up for adoption at the age of two, for his parents did not have enough money to feed him. He was then adopted to a family in Basildon. He was there till he was six-teen, then he moved to his own apartment. Instead of going to war, he stayed in hiding. He painted for fun.  He stayed in that apartment for a long ten years.


He is now ninety-six years old. He lives in a retirement home, and is now deaf. He still paints occasionally, however, he has a major case of arthritis.

Master Earth by Zara

What is it?
The evil man had a nasty grin on his face. He took off his mask. He looked at the sack of money he had stolen from the most important bank in the world. Still running away from the police, he tried to get his breath back. A noise was heard above. A police helicopter.

Oh great! the man thought. He was the Master Earth. Famous for being the most dangerous robber the world has ever known. He didn’t just steal, he murdered people and  did horrible things which a normal criminal wouldn’t do. He stole from almost anyone, including his family. When only twelve, he stole twenty pounds from a local shop and blamed it on his younger brother who, you guest it, is now in jail. Even the police can not catch this man who has a mind of his own.

The two police cars zoomed past, not even realising that he was running. Once again Master Earth has completed his mission.  

The Man Behind the Mask by Bobby

He walks the streets, his shadow glimmering in the light. He is so dangerous especially in the dark night . He’s ruthless. Many people relate him to a viper. No-one sees him. He keeps in the gloomy shadows. He is too smart for the FBI or the police to catch. Getting away from them is just another day at the office for him. It’s impossible to get his identity. He is wanted for 16 major bank robberies. Overall, his bank robberies have netted him $1674, 900. He is a human machine. Stopping him is impossible…