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Year 6 By Emma.K

We have nearly completed year 6 so I decided to make my last ever post on this blog. Life in 6M this year has been an enjoyable experience for all of us in 6M. We have made the most of it. For next year we are not all going to the same secondary school. We are having  a […]

100wc by Angel

Dear diary , I felt sad that my best friend had left me for a horrid mean girl when we were at the shopping centre. I walked out of the door and sat on the steps tears, suddenly poured from my red eyes. Suddenly a penguin waddled over to me – I was in shock. […]

Miss Hart’s Penguins! By Logan

Miss Hart loves penguins, this is because she finds them extremely cute. I don’t know why, I find them unbelievably ugly and strange. Then again, that’s probably why people call me strange! I’m Logan, in class 6M, which Miss Hart teaches every Tuesday. That is why my favourite day is Tuesday (it’s not really, it’s […]

The Boy and the Penguin by Matthew

There once was a tale about a boy who could speak to Penguins. His name was Flynn, let me tell you about him. Flynn was a normal boy who lived in Scotland right next to the zoo. Atnight he could hear the penguin,   After years of practising, he could speak to penguin.    

The Ghost Of Pere La Chaise By Kai

My heart is beating from the sound of the lightening striking down. As I went past the dirty gravestones, I felt a shiver down my spine. As I was running I tripped over on some stones on the ground. I fell and felt a shooting pain in my leg. As I scrambled to my feet, […]

A Penguin Called Bishop By Bobby

I waddled along the damp concrete. All of my black and white feathers were keeping me nice and warm. Then in the corner of my eye I was alarmed by a young women in her early 20’s. She was sitting on a step leading to Parliament. I strolled over to the dejected girl and nervously […]


The penguin was captured on a rotten fishing boat in the Pacific Ocean and was then taken to America to find out why it was so far from his frozen home. When the penguin reached America it was taken into a lab. Inside, he saw all sorts of medicines and needles, he was scared. He […]

The Penguin and Madeline by Grace

One day a girl called Madeline was with her friends called Mollie-Ann and Ellie. They were going out to visit someone. But when she went to go and get something she overheard them saying that she wasn’t a good enough friend. When Madeline heard that she ran off weeping in tears. When she got to […]

Dreaming About Reality- By Eden

Dear Diary, I don’t understand why this keeps happening. It is really freaking me out. All of my most recent dreams ( that are not harmful or horror like) are coming true! For instance, yesterday I dreamt that I had had a stressful day, I sat on some concrete stairs and my favourite animal appeared. Guess what…. […]

The Unfortunate Day By Lily

Dear Diary, Yesterday something bad happened – I met a penguin! I know that doesn’t seem bad, but as soon as I saw him we switched bodies! At first I loved being a penguin! I loved it so much I wished to be a penguin FOREVER! Then I saw that he was unhappy. I tried […]