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The Ghost Of Pere La Chaise By Kai

My heart is beating from the sound of the lightening striking down. As I went past the dirty gravestones, I felt a shiver down my spine. As I was running I tripped over on some stones on the ground. I fell and felt a shooting pain in my leg. As I scrambled to my feet, dirt got into my shoes. I could still hear the lightening striking the trees. All of a sudden I hear a piano playing. I go to search for who is playing to amazing music. As I stand in the abandoned graveyard dust falls into my mouth. I spit it out. At that same moment my mum calls me. I pick up the phone and she asks where I am. I answer he question and put the phone down as quick as I can. out of the corner of my eye I see playing the piano. At last I found the pianist! I went around to investigate. The man looked like a dusty, old skeleton! I could see his bones, his flesh was hanging from them. I asked him for his name and he didn’t say anything. I said that he was good at playing piano. As I was having so much fun, the night was flying by. It was getting very late, so I had leave. As the sun began to rise, the figure started to disappear. I hoped that I could see him again one day.

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  • #   Connor on 07.14.15 at 2:25 pm     Reply

    Really good Kai!

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