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The penguin was captured on a rotten fishing boat in the Pacific Ocean and was then taken to America to find out why it was so far from his frozen home. When the penguin reached America it was taken into a lab. Inside, he saw all sorts of medicines and needles, he was scared. He screached and then he swiftly ran away out of the main door and onto the roads of New York. On the opposite side of the busy road he noticed a girl crying, sitting on the step outside a pharmacy. He wanted to know what was the matter so the penguin walked over. He slowly walked up the crooked, stone stairs and sat next to the girl. “What’s the matter?” he screached trying to sound like a human. The girl didn’t answer for a while but then she finally replied,
“The doctor… he said… I have cancer!” she started crying again, “I don’t want to talk about it.”
The penguin followed the girl and from then on (and still) became very good friends. Friendship. 


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