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Miss Hart’s Penguins! By Logan

Miss Hart loves penguins, this is because she finds them extremely cute. I don’t know why, I find them unbelievably ugly and strange. Then again, that’s probably why people call me strange!

I’m Logan, in class 6M, which Miss Hart teaches every Tuesday. That is why my favourite day is Tuesday (it’s not really, it’s really Friday. The only reason I’m saying my favourite day is Tuesday is because I know Miss Hart is reading this. Hi Miss Hart!)

The main teacher of 6M is Mr McDonald, and yes, he does like McDonalds, that joke is so old! Anyway Miss Hart, Mr McDonald and Mr Scotcher are my three favourite teachers of all time.

Mr Scotcher is by far my favourite teacher, he is immensely funny and he likes technology. He’s like the older version of me! Well, at least I think I’m funny… I’m pretty sure I am because even my mum said so. And my mum explained to me that she’s always right, which I disagreed with at first.

Going back to Miss Hart, she always puts eighties music on, sometimes it gives me a headache, however, it doesn’t when I’m in a good mood.

I’m actually really happy that Miss Hart isn’t as obsessed with penguins anymore. At the beginning of year 6 she always used to describe penguins as the best things ever. Thankfully, not anymore.

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