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100wc by Angel

Dear diary ,

I felt sad that my best friend had left me for a horrid mean girl when we were at the shopping centre. I walked out of the door and sat on the steps tears, suddenly poured from my red eyes. Suddenly a penguin waddled over to me – I was in shock.

“What is the matter?” said the penguin in a tiny voice.
“Well- my best friend is not my best friend anymore,” I replied still crying.
“Why?” he asked.
“I don’t really know.”
“Well I will be your best friend,” he said as he leaned over and gave me a hug.
“Thank you!”


  • #   Bobby S & Charles G on 06.26.15 at 1:53 pm     Reply

    Could you tell us what the name of the penguin.
    Still that was super amazing.

  • #   Lily on 07.14.15 at 2:33 pm     Reply

    I really enjoyed this story. You could add more to describe the penguin.

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