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Who Am I? -By Hollie

Who am I?

A man, standing in the middle of the world, silent and still. His mind empty of thoughts. He stood not thinking about anything or anyone. Not a blink of an eye, just the world around him. He started to go red in frustration, the whole world was screaming in laughter and pain. His head was starting to fill up with angry thoughts, his eyes lit up, he was fuming, he had no one there for him just the hated people around him. Rapidly he looked around staring at the people… The thing was, no one could see him, he was someone different and he didn’t know how…

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  • #   Rory on 07.14.15 at 2:41 pm     Reply

    Well done Hollie you put lots of effort into this. You used lots of describing words. You could improve by putting a brilliant adjective sting in it would be perfect straight after.

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