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The Dream Giver by Angel

At the orphanage 2655, a man flew down with his big transparent wings. He looked old. He was bony and fragile.

It was near to midnight, the children were fast asleep and the silence was deafening. The old dream giver flew down and landed right in front of a girl’s bed. He saw ballet shoes. He opened a satchel and got out a gleaming, gold, shiny, magic egg. He cracked it and poured it over the shoes. Soon she was dreaming about ballet.

The next was a boy. He dreamed about being an astronaut. Suddenly a gleam of glitter shot up and turned into a vicious tornado that sucked the little astronaut in.
The tornado took him to a strange island with strange faces on rocks. All of a sudden he, accidently, pushed a small rock and a big, blue scaly dinosaur started chasing him. Next a huge tree grew its long branches out and trapped the dinosaur .                                                                                                         The boy awoke from his dreadful nightmare then read his book … it seemed to be the same as his nightmare.


  • #   Zara on 06.09.15 at 2:27 pm     Reply

    Great story Angel

  • #   Alice on 07.14.15 at 2:43 pm     Reply

    Well done Angel I think you put 100% effort .[in every piece of work] This is won of the best. It was very enjoyable because it had describing words. You can improve it by adding rhetorical question.

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