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Year 6 By Emma.K

We have nearly completed year 6 so I decided to make my last ever post on this blog. Life in 6M this year has been an enjoyable experience for all of us in 6M. We have made the most of it. For next year we are not all going to the same secondary school. We are having  a busy week for we are  practising our Leaver’s Assembly and  preparing  for sports day. In lessons we are equally busy; we are learning about Ancient Maya because we are reading the book:

The Well of Sacrifice by Chris Eboch.

In maths we have completed a range of subjects: sequences, division, multiplication.

The one thing I would like to do is tell year 5’s everywhere that your S.A.T’s aren’t that bad. You will survive year 6, it really isn’t as hard as it sounds.

I hope the future year 6’s will make the most of it. Mrs Hart ( Hi Mrs Hart!) told us that the time flies. I didn’t believe it then but it’s true. It will be over in the blink of an eye.

It was for this year 6. well, it was for me. I will miss year 6, my friends, my teachers, my school.

100wc by Angel

Dear diary ,

I felt sad that my best friend had left me for a horrid mean girl when we were at the shopping centre. I walked out of the door and sat on the steps tears, suddenly poured from my red eyes. Suddenly a penguin waddled over to me – I was in shock.

“What is the matter?” said the penguin in a tiny voice.
“Well- my best friend is not my best friend anymore,” I replied still crying.
“Why?” he asked.
“I don’t really know.”
“Well I will be your best friend,” he said as he leaned over and gave me a hug.
“Thank you!”

Miss Hart’s Penguins! By Logan

Miss Hart loves penguins, this is because she finds them extremely cute. I don’t know why, I find them unbelievably ugly and strange. Then again, that’s probably why people call me strange!

I’m Logan, in class 6M, which Miss Hart teaches every Tuesday. That is why my favourite day is Tuesday (it’s not really, it’s really Friday. The only reason I’m saying my favourite day is Tuesday is because I know Miss Hart is reading this. Hi Miss Hart!)

The main teacher of 6M is Mr McDonald, and yes, he does like McDonalds, that joke is so old! Anyway Miss Hart, Mr McDonald and Mr Scotcher are my three favourite teachers of all time.

Mr Scotcher is by far my favourite teacher, he is immensely funny and he likes technology. He’s like the older version of me! Well, at least I think I’m funny… I’m pretty sure I am because even my mum said so. And my mum explained to me that she’s always right, which I disagreed with at first.

Going back to Miss Hart, she always puts eighties music on, sometimes it gives me a headache, however, it doesn’t when I’m in a good mood.

I’m actually really happy that Miss Hart isn’t as obsessed with penguins anymore. At the beginning of year 6 she always used to describe penguins as the best things ever. Thankfully, not anymore.

The Boy and the Penguin by Matthew

There once was a tale about a boy who could speak to Penguins. His name was Flynn, let me tell you about him.

Flynn was a normal boy who lived in Scotland right next to the zoo. Atnight he could hear the penguin,
After years of practising, he could speak to penguin.

The Ghost Of Pere La Chaise By Kai

My heart is beating from the sound of the lightening striking down. As I went past the dirty gravestones, I felt a shiver down my spine. As I was running I tripped over on some stones on the ground. I fell and felt a shooting pain in my leg. As I scrambled to my feet, dirt got into my shoes. I could still hear the lightening striking the trees. All of a sudden I hear a piano playing. I go to search for who is playing to amazing music. As I stand in the abandoned graveyard dust falls into my mouth. I spit it out. At that same moment my mum calls me. I pick up the phone and she asks where I am. I answer he question and put the phone down as quick as I can. out of the corner of my eye I see playing the piano. At last I found the pianist! I went around to investigate. The man looked like a dusty, old skeleton! I could see his bones, his flesh was hanging from them. I asked him for his name and he didn’t say anything. I said that he was good at playing piano. As I was having so much fun, the night was flying by. It was getting very late, so I had leave. As the sun began to rise, the figure started to disappear. I hoped that I could see him again one day.

A Penguin Called Bishop By Bobby

I waddled along the damp concrete. All of my black and white feathers were keeping me nice and warm. Then in the corner of my eye I was alarmed by a young women in her early 20’s. She was sitting on a step leading to Parliament. I strolled over to the dejected girl and nervously asked, “Are u okay? What’s the matter?”
“Not really…” the exposed female groaned. She was a pretty girl, blonde hair, very good looking.
“My name is Bishop, yours?”
She was distraught! Then she got up and walked off – that was my chance to make a friend


The penguin was captured on a rotten fishing boat in the Pacific Ocean and was then taken to America to find out why it was so far from his frozen home. When the penguin reached America it was taken into a lab. Inside, he saw all sorts of medicines and needles, he was scared. He screached and then he swiftly ran away out of the main door and onto the roads of New York. On the opposite side of the busy road he noticed a girl crying, sitting on the step outside a pharmacy. He wanted to know what was the matter so the penguin walked over. He slowly walked up the crooked, stone stairs and sat next to the girl. “What’s the matter?” he screached trying to sound like a human. The girl didn’t answer for a while but then she finally replied,
“The doctor… he said… I have cancer!” she started crying again, “I don’t want to talk about it.”
The penguin followed the girl and from then on (and still) became very good friends. Friendship. 

The Penguin and Madeline by Grace

One day a girl called Madeline was with her friends called Mollie-Ann and Ellie. They were going out to visit someone. But when she went to go and get something she overheard them saying that she wasn’t a good enough friend. When Madeline heard that she ran off weeping in tears. When she got to a flight of stone stairs she sat down tucking herself into a ball. But then she heard a noise, a particular noise, but she didn’t bother looking up. Then she heard it again. Madeline looked up this time and saw a penguin. She wasn’t scared at all so she tried to comfort it. She took the penguin home and looked after it forever and ever.

Dreaming About Reality- By Eden

Dear Diary,
I don’t understand why this keeps happening. It is really freaking me out. All of my most recent dreams ( that are not harmful or horror like) are coming true! For instance, yesterday I dreamt that I had had a stressful day, I sat on some concrete stairs and my favourite animal appeared. Guess what…. today I did in fact have a stress filled day and, weirdly enough, a penguin sat next to me! I keep asking myself questions. What if a nightmare comes true?

I truly do not know what to do. I’m just going to have to take each day as it comes. I’m scared….

From a very anxious Millie-Mae

The Unfortunate Day By Lily

Dear Diary,

Yesterday something bad happened – I met a penguin! I know that doesn’t seem bad, but as soon as I saw him we switched bodies! At first I loved being a penguin! I loved it so much I wished to be a penguin FOREVER! Then I saw that he was unhappy. I tried to ask what was wrong but I couldn’t talk. He tried to say something.
After he blurted out “HELP!” I was confused and not happy. We both were unhappy! We needed help. FAST!